Jak uzyskać zwrot myta, opłaty za transport na terenie Niemiec.
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Why can TOLL be claimed?

The Court of Justice of the European Union confirmed in its judgment of 28 October 2020 that Germany cannot add road police costs to tolls for the use of the trans-European road network by heavy goods vehicles.

The Court found, first of all, that Member States which introduce or maintain tolls on the trans-European road network are required to set the level of those tolls taking account only the infrastructure costs, namely the construction, operation, maintenance and development of the infrastructure network concerned.

This judgment confirms that hauliers who have paid tolls in Germany can claim partial reimbursement of this charge.

The ruling in question was based on a preliminary question. Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 28 October 2020 – C-321/19.

The law firm helps carriers to recover this fee through its Berlin branch.

What does it take to get TOLL back?

• company data;

• Toll Collect or list of toll payments (via “Toll Collect”);

• proof of toll payment (e.g. receipts, receipts, bills, debit notes, transfer confirmation);

• list of vehicles for which the toll has been paid, including a photocopy of the registration certificates;

• Alternatively: contract with Toll Collect;


How much can you get?

It follows from the above-mentioned CJEU judgment that the Federal Republic of Germany should reimburse transport companies at least 3.8% or 6% of the fees paid.




In order to obtain an offer, please send an enquiry to the e-mail address with the company’s data, number of vehicles and the amount of TOLL that has been paid.